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Enhanced-view totally extraperitoneal access for repair of ventral hernias: Advantages and liabiliti

The concept of enhanced-view totally extraperitoneal (eTEP) access was developed while exploring ways to facilitate the TEP approach for inguinal hernia repair. Surgeons soon noticed that the surgical space was ideal for repair of other abdominal hernias. The ‘‘crossover’’ maneuver, designed as a technique to cross from one retrorectus space to the other, permitted application of eTEP access to most hernias. eTEP access has the general advantage of working in the extraperitoneal space and the specific advantage of hernia repair allowing implementation of the modern principles of ventral hernia reconstruction and providing flexibility to address different types of hernias in different locations. The technique requires formal training and has inherent complications and limitations. The remarkable widespread acceptance and encouraging early results of this complex technique emphasize the responsibilities of proper training, judicious use, and evaluation of our own and others’ results.... (artículo completo)

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